Welcome! I've put together a page of some of the work I've been doing the last three years with a variety of Financial groups.

Presentations & Emails

Check out a couple of presentations I've designed! 

Here are examples of email templates that I've created.


One of the things I enjoy most is breathing new life into brands! 

Jackson Charitable Foundation

I developed brand standards for a the new Jackson Charitable Foundation and worked with various teams to implement the brand. This included font, color, type treatments, icon set, design assets, social media banners and posts.

I provided visual support for the Charitable Foundation facebook & twitter (The website is an example of the previous lack of brand and something that has not been updated.)  

Brand Style Guide - I initiated and conceptualized a brand strategy for this client. 

End of Year Report

I initiated, conceptualized, and designed the report that summarized the vision of the Jackson Charitable Foundation.

The Center of Financial Insight

Design lead for a CFI rebrand - I created a new visual identity with a more modern, up-to-date aesthetic across all branded touch points. These projects included web, print, social, internal and external promotional materials.

As the lead designer my roles included art direction, design, and brand strategy. My projects ranged from social posts, website redesign, branding, banner ads, infographics, presentations, editorial design and annual reports. 

Social Media - I have created 500+ posts and ads for Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook. These projects ranged from promoting articles, recruiting efforts, campaigns for education, promotional, brand awareness, and holiday. I was the creative director on design and illustration for several social campaigns at Jackson. Here are some examples.

Banner Ads - I conceptualized, designed and animated three brand ad campaigns created to promote brand awareness. View the ads here.

Reports - I initiated, conceptualized and designed end of year reports for CFI and the social media group. This became the new format for monthly reports based on positive feedback Executive team.

2016 Thought Leadership & Social Media Report

Digital monthly thought leadership update and social media update

Website Redesign - I initiated, conceptualized, strategized and designed a new website for CFI. It was based off of the CFI rebrand and optimized the user experience.

Check out the Investor Education Survey that I designed and illustrated in 2017!


Provided graphic design support for the Marketing Strategy department. My projects included creating powerpoint templates and visuals to support their presentations. Those visuals included icons, illustrations, infographics, and photography. I also worked on banner ads, social media, and word templates.

Here is a pdf of all the work we did together during the 8 months I worked with the Marketing Strategy group. 

More Work

Check out some of my print work!

If you need further examples of my work please let me know! Casking9@gmail.com


Available upon request.